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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday Night Ride

Tom and I decided to go for a ride after work tonight around 7pm. The sun was in the process of setting so we had our lights with us. We had a great time on our fixed gears with slightly wider tires on allowing us to tour Crofton on and off road. I grew up in Crofton and as a kid my friends and I rode our bikes everywhere, so I am extremely familiar with the town. Back then, there was alot of farmland and open area which was a great escape, especially on a bike. As Crofton has grown, most of that space has been developed. Although, there are still some great trails, fields, and nooks, if you know where to look. We rediscovered those on our night ride this evening.
It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Everyone get out there and ride!

Keeping the rubber side down,


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