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Monday, July 23, 2007

Relaxing ride

Sarah here! For weeks now, I've been hounding Jonathan to go for an afternoon ride with me. Unfortunately, we have been so busy at the shop that we haven't had the time. Well, today we finally were able to make it happen!

With the kids with our babysitter, Cait, and the shop staffed properly we planned to head off on our ride at noon. Finally, at about 2 PM, after a rush of buisness, we loaded up the bikes and headed over to the B&A Trail parking lot in Arnold. From there we hopped on our bikes (me on my new Giant FCR3 and Jonathan on his Gunnar Crosshairs) and rode down the bike lane along Rt. 450 and into Annapolis. We had a sweet tailwind that pushed us over the U.S. Naval Academy Bridge but I knew that it would be a nice struggle for me on the way back. On our way downtown we took a little tour around State Circle and out past Ego Alley to the harbour.

We decided to eat at Middleton Tavern on their outside patio for lunch. We shared a half dozen oysters on the halfshell, which were awesome! I haven't had those in a while... a real treat! Jonathan enjoyed a Waterman Sandwich (Roast beef, Black Forest ham, and smoked turkey grilled with cole slaw and Swiss cheese on pain au levain bread) and I had Cuban black bean soup and grilled chicken over a house salad... yum! Sure enough, our ride back to the parking lot was into a headwind and Jonathan gave me a little... well, ALOT of help up the last hill. It was a great mid-week, afternoon date!


At 9:53 AM , Blogger gwadzilla said...

here is a collage of some of the men looking their sunday best

will send you some Hig Res of you later

ping me at

gwadzilla8 at yahoo dot com

great race last night!

At 7:05 PM , Blogger gwadzilla said...

pics on the blog from the Jamboree!


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