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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday morning Patapsco

Finally after weeks of rain we were able to get back in the woods. Trevor, Tim and I did dawn patrol with wheels rolling by 6:30. It was a great morning and we had the trails to ourselves. With good weather in the forcast for a few more days the time couldn't be better for getting out on the trails.




Keeping the rubber side down

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Sarah here! I had an awesome Mother's Day.... thanks Jonathan! We met my parents for brunch at Stan and Joe's on West St. in Annapolis and then walked around Downtown by the City Dock for awhile. We both ran into many old friends, even ones from high school- wierd! After our walk we headed home... we saw Courtney and Dave (reigning king of RC motors) riding on Crofton Parkway in their Family Bike Shop gear... way to represent, guys! Then I took a HEAVENLY 4 hour nap (thanks again, Jonathan). Anyone who has kids knows that naps are few and far between. I always welcome them and relish in the glory, especially when I don't have a deadline for awakening! I even put on two fans in the room for the white-noise-effect because I have a problem... if I hear one peep from the kids, Jonathan, the dogs, I will wake up even from the deepest REM sleep. Jonathan can tune-out anything. The kids can be barfing up a lung in the next room and he'll have no idea.

Anyway, after my awesome nap Jonathan went out for a ride to try out his new fancy bike, the Jamis Xenith SL. He made a few changes on it, traded out the wheels for his Shimano Dura-Ace set. He thinks he has to change out the cassette again, though. A work in progress to make it "his". The thing is crazy light though... even with his Dura-Ace wheels- 15.5 lbs I think he said.

M-Day night Jonathan's mom came over for a nice dinner then we put the kids to bed and went in the basement to watch the season finale of Survivor! I kinda hoped that Amanda would win.

Check out some pics of us in Annapolis and then a picture of Tom the Wrench receiving his Eagle Scout award! Great Job, TOM!!!!!

Me at City Dock

Jonathan and Dexter

Dexter and Willow

Tom becoming an Eagle Scout

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pics from Lodi

Here are some pictures, courtesy of Gary Ryan, from Lodi Farms
Big Jim


Twisty Trails

Fixed gear winner Rickyd

City Bikes Mike

Big Joel Gwadz

Young Buck Tom

Bridge at night


Trevor and the Mystery Machine

Start/finish at night

Monday, May 05, 2008

12 Hours of Lodi Farms

Trevor, Tom and I did the the 12 Hours of Lodi Farm over the weekend. The long and short of it is we won our class, Single Speed 3-man team, and took 3rd overall. Our compound mates Jim and his Coppi teammates got 3rd place in the beginner 3-man class. Nice showing for a bunch of roadies that had never done a race like this.

Lodi is a 12-hour race that starts at midnight and ends 12 hours later at noon. It's a challenging race because of the late start and sleep deprivation. We were all thankful that the rain held out this year. Lodi is always famous for having at least one downpour.

We all rode very strong and Tom continues to impress doing 5 laps and getting us out to an early lead that we never relinquished. Trevor, as always, rode like a locomotive turning consistant lap times over and over. And I got faster every lap finally tying Tom for fastest team lap on my fourth.

Fastest lap of the day went to Cargo Mike racing for City Bikes with Gwadz and Jonathan. He turned 49min on his final lap. The only racer of the day to break 50 mins. That's flying. Check out Gwadzillas, site as he will definitely have some words about the weekend.

Right now I am tired and very sore. As results and pictures start to become available I will post some more.