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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Rides

Three rides in three days. Awesome. After Saturday's ride with Jim, I was able to get out on 12/31 and 01/01/08 also. Beautiful weather both days. On Monday, Trevor and I met up at the Dorsey Road plane observation lot on the BWI trail. We rode our fixed-gears most of the way down the trail to Severna Park. Stopped at the Big Bean coffee shop on the trail for a cup and headed back. About 28 miles.
This morning I had several choices of group rides. I decided on the one that had the biggest group, a less frequented road for me, and at a time that fit into my family schedule. After a nice New Year's brunch at my in-laws', I met up with Chris Nystrom and his crew riding out in Ellicott City. Alot of us rode fixed, about 23 miles. Nice rolling hills and one steep climb up Bonnie Branch Rd.
This is a nice time of year for me. As much as I love being busy at the shop, it's nice to have a little down time for unwinding, re-evaluating myself and the shop, riding without racing schedules... just being able to ride and relax. I've been doing alot of cross-training recently and I'm really enjoying riding fixed. Also looking forward to going snowboarding at Killington, VT in a few weeks with the family. My sister's an employee at the resort so we'll be lucky to have a few free passes.
Looking forward to seeing you on the bike and in the shop.

Keeping the rubber side down,


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