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Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Riding

Well winter has returned. Very cold riding this weekend. Especially on Sunday.

On Saturday we decided to move the shop ride to lovely Elicott City. Tom, Trevor, Dave, John, Jim and myself all met up at a Dunkin Donuts off route 103 for a 7AM ride. We shoved right on time and immediatly hear @#$%^&* coming from the group. Seems Jim brought the wrong pair of shoes. Dam. He did the only thing that he could do in that situation. He asked for the keys and waited at the car. At least he was right in front of DD.

The rest of us headed out and did a nice spin in and around E.C. avoiding all of the ice and snow that was on the side of the road. After a much needed coffee/get warm stop we headed back to the cars, via the climb up New Cut road, where Jim was waiting patiently. Hopefully his bad luck had run out now. After his crash 2 weeks ago in Patapsco I'd say he has payed back the cycling gods of Howard County and deserves some love the next time we head out that way.

Sunday the boys from the Rite Aid professional cycling team tagged along on a Latitude ride from the 424 park and ride. Even though the temperature was about 20 degrees with winds gusting to about 25mph about 40 people showed up to ride. Once we got going I warmed up quickly. It of course helped that there was a tailwind. I was only able to ride with everyone for about 15 miles until I turned off. Had to get home to finish packing for vacation. Tom pealed off early with me and immediatly that lovely tailwind turned into a wicked headwind. After pulling Tom back to the cars we ended up with about 32 very cold windy miles. The Rite Aid guys were great. I wish that I had had the time to do the whole ride.

Keeping the rubber side down,


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