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Monday, March 03, 2008

Six Years

March 1, 2002. Six years ago that day I bought Family Bikes and Skates. We used to do roller skates and Western Union. As soon as I bought the business I got ride of them both. Shut Western Union down(which was part of the reason we moved out of Capitol Heights in the first place) and sold all of the skate stuff to a customer. Good ridance I say.

I'm a one trick pony. Bikes. Like to ride them, sell them and work on them. I've been doing this for a long time now and never really envisioned myself as a business owner. It's worked out though and it has been alot of fun.

Race season is upon us. Trade Zone training races started a few weeks ago. Gotten a couple of top 10 finishes in the B Race so that has been fun. This weekend is the first mountain bike race of the season. Tom, Trevor, Sean and I are doing the Enduro class and Kidd is doing the sport race. Should be fun.

We redid the service area this winter to make it a little more efficient. It turned out great. Stop by and check it out. Bike season is upon us so get those bikes out and ready to go.

Keeping the rubber side down,


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