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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Camp Hilbert

Results are finally up. My first Enduro mountain race ever. I got 7th. Not bad. I've done some long races before but usually for distance not time. This was a 5 hour race. Do as many laps as you can on a 6 mile course. The course had lots of cool loop de loops and tight turns with roots thrown in. There were also two big mud puddles. Here is a brief synopsis of my race:

Start/lap1. 45 of us lined up to race at 10AM. I had a great start and went into the woods in 3rd place. Man, it was fast, and my heart rate was way up. Got passed about halfway through the lap and the three guys in front of me pulled away leaving me to ride in 4th alone. Although, the sport group had started 2 minutes ahead of us and I did see them as I passed their tail end.

Lap 2: Still sitting in 4th. My heartrate started to level out and I fell into a nice rhythm. Right at the start of the lap I got passed by another Enduro racer and he led us around at a perfect pace. We kept on picking off sport riders. Our pace was fast and I was thinking how long can I ride like this. Then at the end of the lap he crashed in front of me and I passed him and didn't see him again. End of lap 2 still in 4th.

Laps 3/4. Maintaining a nice pace and really starting to find a nice flow. Everything is becoming familiar and I feel great. I am starting to pass lapped riders and have not been passed so I still sit in 4th.

Lap 5: At the beginning of lap 5 Dave K. passes me and the wheels start to come off a bit. The pro and expert riders race has just started and the trail gets a little crowded and they are much faster than me so I have to let them pass. I'm beginning to cramp a bit and have to back off my pace.

Lap 6: I've been taking breaks between laps and this is my longest stop. Tom has been giving me great support and I pop some endurolites and eat some food. I get going again after about a 5 min stop and can feel the day in my legs. The hardest lap by far. Two crashes and the cramps are getting worse. I was wondering if I was going to be able to make it to the finish. I make it to the end of the lap and can see the end. I still have time for 2 laps and would reach my goal of 8 laps. Short break and back onto the trail.

Laps 7/8: Man I am feeling good again. Cramping is gone and the flow is back. This was my favorite part of the day. I had the trail to myself, and I knew I was going to finish. Came in from lap 7 took a short break and a couple of guys got past me. During the last lap I was able to catch one of them and secured my 7th place finish.

This race was a lot of fun. Much different than the 1-1.5 hour races that I am used to. I had so much fun and will be doing more of these this summer. I think that if I go out a little slower I may be able to maintain my pace for longer. Oh. And I didn't race my single speed. I set the bike up with a 4 speed for something different. I think that the next one will be on the single to see if there is a difference. And finally a big thanks to Kidds' brother Justin and his girlfriend Audrey for their hospitality. Your couch was the most comfortable couch I have ever slept on.

Keeping the rubber side down.


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